Monday, February 8, 2010


 the work  these days seems to be about potential,
and space, and what fills us up (and how we get there).


  1. I tried emailing but it did not work.... I'm a teacher and artist... I taught and art lesson with your art in mind.... let me know if you want photos... They turned out really cute..... I really enjoy your art... It is so different than mine. I check your blog almost everyday. It challenges me to think outside of my imagination. Many thanks... artist and fan.... :)

    Here is my art journal if you are interested.... jodi

  2. ohhh... sorry forgot to paste it...

  3. i like this one a lot. it's so nice to hear how your work is evolving and that you can see what it's about at certain times. i always find it amazing what my artwork tells me and so often find it hard when i hit a new phase, to accept and go with it. but it only leads to better work. thanks! xo, juliette

  4. how did i miss this! you taught an art lesson with my art in mind! i am so honored (and humbled) and YES!!! i want to see. thank you so much. so very very much. you have no idea what a special thing that is to read.