Friday, February 26, 2010

FRAZZLED (a revamp)

a new little something...  or actually a piece that 
i have just recently reworked with my night 
sky obsession.

OH!  the responsibility of it all...


  1. Oh and I really like it! More, more! :)

  2. i like it! i've been in a blue phase myself of late. your blue is a fabulous hue. and i always adore your work:)
    xo, juliette

  3. Your work is just amazing. I always leave happier after seeing it! Thanks.

  4. thank you so much... thanks for taking the time to look, and then share (you are all so generous).
    *i like this one now A LOT more too.

  5. i recently found your work. it is absolutely darling and beautiful. i love this one! i can see its a couple years old, would you ever have it up for sale?