Tuesday, February 16, 2010

creative minds

every so often someone swings by my etsy page and offers up an
opportunity to do an interview (and of course i always say YES!).
because, i love doing them... 

i find i start to think about what it is that i am doing
so much more thoroughly, and i really like that.
i think it is not only important to take the time to think about
what you are doing and why, but to also share this info
when you are given an opportunity to do so! 

 i say the latter,
because i often surprise myself by the things i say in these interviews,
because of the truth (the helpful truth) behind them.
i hope something in here helps you along your creative 


  1. I find you work beautiful, playful, thougthful, whimsical and inspiring.

    Mermaid Debbie

  2. Great insight on giving interviews :)

    I love your wonderful drawings!!!

  3. I really enjoyed the interview Cori, and I can relate to when you said you used to plan things out for a painting, but no longer do. I have found that my art looks too stiff when I plan it out too, so I am trying to be more free. I really found it inspiring too, when you said just to make, weather it is good or bad. It really rang true to me (as a frustrated aspiring artist haha) I really enjoyed reading about your process and inspirations! Thank you x

  4. I just wanted to stop by and comment on how much I love your work! It is just lovely :)