Monday, January 4, 2010


i have been rethinking my etsy site,
and i am making some changes...

i am slowly switching to open run prints
(i know... heavy sigh)
but it was becoming too much. BUT...
with the open run prints will come different sizes of
prints... with different price points!

i am going to make a point of having more originals,

and once i get good photos i plan on selling
magnet and pin packs.

PLUS- i am going to sell postcard packs as well.

oh things they are a changin'.


  1. Just want to say your artwork's amazing, love it!

  2. Awesome, I so love your work! xo-tmar

  3. Your work is absolutely beautiful and inspiring. If you ever find yourself in a moment of doubt know that your images give something precious to this world that would not be here if not for you. There is something in them that makes me want to celebrate and sob at the same time.

    Thank you