Wednesday, January 20, 2010

i CLEARLY need to work on my writing skills!

i am so sorry for my last post and ANY misunderstanding it may have caused!
the post was intended to share how excited and overwhelmed i was to find out
(from a starnger) that my work was at target!  (i have since pulled the post (*sorry*) to stop
any more spreading of the news in a negative light!!!) because REALLY this is wonderful news.

about a year ago i was picked up by a publishing company called bentley ( a wonderful
company), and they put a few of my little paintings under contract, to be made into larger
strectched canvas prints, and posters for the interior design market.  i make the work and
they sell it.  a perfect marriage in my eyes!

anyway- they have done their job!  and they have done it well.  how else could
i ever get my paintings into target?    i hope that clears things up.  (and sorry for
the confusion).


  1. ha ha oh dear, that's actually quite funny! You could of had a Target boycott on your hands there ;)

    Well congratulations, I think are in order :)(I still think maybe your design company should of let you know first though?)

    Micki x

  2. OH congrats Cori:) That is really awesome...AND your work is just amazing.:) I bet you are on "cloud 9".:)

  3. Ohh...that's fantastic! Wish they would send you products samples too...hehe! :P

  4. big company! really big (wonderful) company... and i am sure to them this was really small beans. *plus it was fun to hear about it from a stranger! not too many things are truly surprising any longer... and this definately counts!

  5. Congratulations! I'll keep my eyes open next time I'm there, I love Target :)