Wednesday, October 14, 2009

a BRIGHT red star

well miss YAELFRAN of etsy is at it again! she is planning a collaborative christmas book (coming out this holiday season), entitled THE BRIGHT RED STAR. what you are seeing here is my humble contribution to what i am sure will be a WONDERFUL book. all i can say, is how thrilled i am to have been invited to participate, and what a wonderful time it was creating this illustration. i know this is early... but happy happy holidays everyone. (i have been living christmas since the end of august, so please forgive me for bringing it up so early).


  1. This is so beautiful....

    Well done!

  2. PS. Would you consider selling this illustration as a print?


  3. i was thinking about it, but don't know if i can! i will talk to yael and see what she has to say about it! (i like your thinking). c

  4. of course you can darling!!!!!
    It's yours, it's perfect, beautiful, wonderful illustration Cori!!!!!!

    tHANKS so much for have been participating in my projects. I adore your style.