Tuesday, May 26, 2009

a to do list...

i am having a show!
a little tiny solo show at CHARMINGWALL!
i highly encourage everyone to check out charmingwall's online
because it is truly one of the cooles sites i have ever seen.
*(this is one of the many things that i have been working on).
i should say, pouring myself in to.

all paintings in the show have one word titles.

the one below it called TEACH. the idea being that

we should all try to check these things off our list.

please oh please DO stop by if you are in the area.
i would so love to meet you!


  1. Good luck! Your work is so charming already so I'm sure you'll do great:)

  2. Oh how adorable - with work like this I am sure it will go just splendidly!

  3. I wish I could stop by. Your work is so lovely.

  4. I love your style! All the pieces are so unique, thanks for inspiring.

    And, CONGRATULATIONS...for charmingwall :)