Monday, February 2, 2009

another little something...

SO... as i had said earlier, i have been busy AND inspired which
doesn't always happen. THIS time, i have had a couple
of really fun and exiting projects to work on....

the latest of which was a new logo for
THE PINK PIG... hence (the piece above).

besides the wonderful pig that i was asked to create
i ALSO was asked to design a valentine for her online shop...

i created three (thinking she would chose her favorite).
to my delight and surprise she loved all three!
all of which you can purchase at her online store. here...
(if you would like to that is)

she also has a wonderful blog... which is well worth the read
other than the cutting and pasting... there has
been some some preparations being made for broches,
and "all year" ornaments. so keep your eyes open!
they should be posted soon.
toodles everyone... (the glue is calling me).


  1. i wish i could be inspired. take that inspiration and run with it. when you got it, you got.

    love the little piggies.

    i am still waiting for you to illustrate a children's book. how fun would that be.

  2. Cori,
    These all took my breath away!

  3. your work is completely enchanting. just lovely, and i am so taken with the delightful whimsy. beautiful!

  4. I love that pink pig! It's ever so cute...

    Best wishes,
    and feel free to stop by my blog any time!
    I'll sure be back here from time to time...

    PilliPilli handmade

    PS. Just so you know: I've added you to my blogroll!

  5. I love your bird girl! She's darling!