Saturday, November 8, 2008

where does one begin?

i suppose i will start with today.


today i am posting my favorite (recent) painting , doris wright liked to borrow nancy's clothes.

i should begin by saying i never (that is right... never) have a plan when i start a piece. they just happen. * the funny thing about this painting is that it has both my grandmothers name (doris), and my mom's name (nancy) in it. i didn't know this until i was virtually done with the piece. and because of this... i couldn't sell it. so it now hangs on my mother's bedroom wall. it seemed only fitting.


  1. Blogging, eh? You will find that it's not the beginning that's the hard part, but the ending...

  2. hadn't thought about that... but i do keep thinking of "how personal should i get". don't want to annoy people with all my random thinking, that goes no where. hmmmmmmmm