Saturday, August 6, 2016

Spooky Town, it's on the shelf!

(it's so spooky)

*it might be my favorite to date.

the two above are from the large panel portion...
(below is all three plus the punkin patch repeat)

medium panels...
(check out that cute witch, not to mention

below you will find the imagery used in the
small panel (we used 6 images this
this time).  *a fun little twist from the original

and below you see it in it's full repeat...

AND THEN... the free quilt pattern!

full details can be found over at BLEND,

hope you like it!
hope you make loads of fun stuff with it.
AND, if you do...  show me on instagram!!!

All these images can also be found on my etsy
shop as archival prints, check it out


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