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Monday, February 4, 2013

Happy the Future ONLINE!

a super (duper) BIG thank you
to the online boutique, Gabby's Gifts
for carrying my gift line, "Happy the Future"!

Some of you have been asking where to get
one thing or another, and i have been waiting
for an online presence i could share, and now
i finally have one!  YAY!!!

i just went and looked the site over, and they
have a very nice selection (but not everything
is there).  but... if you are in the need of paper
lanterns, ornaments (to be hung all year), wall art,
memo boards, or a family tree,
 Gabby's Gifts is where to find
it online!

(this photo is a shot i took at our local
hallmark store)

this one a friend of mine took in Boulder CO.

and these shots i took at our local flower shop
here in Pullman WA, called Neill's Flowers.

i just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone
for supporting me in this.  i have to pinch myself
sometimes to remind myself that it is true!!!

happy shopping.

OOx c.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

happy the future... thinking about how things go.

last summer saw the introduction of my 
gift line with Demdaco, called 
"Happy the Future".

a funny name, which came about from 
this little painting.

which of course (with some fine tuning), 
turned into this happy little lady...  

i say that, because if you don't know already-
when you are an illustrator by trade, you are
happy to do what the client needs.  it is simply
your job.  and in this case, my job was to 
make the girl more "happy".

I know some would struggle with this, but
for me i am just filling someone else's need.
I don't feel it is a compromise, and i look
at is as a challenge!  PLUS, it is my job.

BUT...  i will say this.  when i created this piece
(the original one) i wasn't speaking to the idea of being happy.
i was having a bit of self talk, reminding myself
that things don't have to always be perfect and that
often times (for me) i have to choose happiness.
remind myself that it is even an option.

am i alone in this i often wonder?  i don't think so...

the more i think about what i am doing (in regards to
my artwork), i find that i am often speaking to the hard 
moments.   the ones where you HAVE to
 look down at the buds beginning to grow- 
bursting through the spring soil with deep
roots and faith- to remind yourself that things
will move on, and get better, blossom and
even bare fruit.

don't forget... they say, this just may be 
the beginning and not the end.

happy the future everyone.
(we all deserve it)

OOx  cori

Monday, June 25, 2012

HAPPY the FUTURE is in the show rooms!

i had a lovely surprise post on my facebook
page today...  a link to these
photos of my gift line with DEMDACO
(Happy the Future), at the Dallas Market Center!

 i have to admit, seeing it all put together made 
me so happy that my toes curled up in delight.  
(this is all so weirdly exciting to me, i can
hardly stand it!)

and best of all...  the display won BEST WINDOW
at the show!!!  hip hip hooray!

(wish the line luck okay!)

OOx c.