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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Better Homes and Gardens DIY (i'm in there!)

long time no posts!  (sorry)  life has been crazy
around here lately... in a nut shell my husband started
a new job so now my work day is over at three when 
henry (my little bit of sunshine) comes home from school.
needless to say it is hard to get things done.

you know this piece?
it is called community tree...

and this piece?
it is called the art of receiving...

well ages ago... 
i was contacted by BHG (Better Homes and Gardens)
and they asked if they could use a couple of my prints
in their DIY magazine (a mighty fine magazine i might add). 
 so... OF COURSE i said YES!
who wouldn't?

anyway, i waited... 

and waited... 

and waited some more...

to the point of thinking that they didn't run the article. 
but then  (just the other day)... i was in the store and there was 
the new magazine (in a sealed plastic sleeve i might add).

i looked over at my husband and i said, i wonder if 
this will be the one?  

and guess what!  IT IS!!! (page 9)

*side note...  i was at a show this past weekend 
so i didn't buy it. but when i got onto my computer that night,
a lovely lady had emailed me, to share the news! 
she had seen me in there!  

so the next day my sweet husband went
and got me one.  i had to see it (as you can imagine).

i was so tickled...
(one of my little career bucket list items was
to be in a big time magazine, and there i am).

woot woot!