Friday, March 27, 2015

Joy in the inbox

a long time friend sent me this
(this morning)

with a note reading,
Zoey loves to draw. She happened to look up to her wall the other day for inspiration. See attached. 

like i said, JOY!

OOx, cori

*in case you aren't familiar with the inspiration,
here it is

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Look what was spotted on Instagram!

check it out!!!

a friend of mine found my Blue and White Stripes duvet cover 
shared by a Better Homes and Gardens editor Khristiana Howell o
Instagram,#StyleSpotters. It's part of my collection with DENY.
you can see this piece and many (many) more represented 
on a variety of different products over at the DENY website

and keep it coming friends!  if it wasn't for you and 
your eagle eyes i would miss nearly EVERYTHING!!!  as
i have my nose to the grindstone these days
(i am working like mad on my next fabric collection).
*details to come!

it really does help me so much when you share with me what you're finding out there!
so thank you in advance for any and all sightings.


p.s.  if you want to connect with my instagram page, my user name is...
(w a i t  for it...)